Water Bearers

Water Bearers

Are you ready to become a water carrier?

Target: Counselors
Time frame: 15 to 30 minutes
Members: Everyone
Type of tool: Activities
Ages: 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-12 years, 13 and Over
Group size: One group
Value: $3   Free
Healthy eating


The campers will act as Water Bearers in an obstacle course relay race.

The goal is to spill as little as possible and fill a tub at the end of the course. The team with the most water in their tub at the end wins.


  • Healthy eating knowledge
  • Environmental knowledge
  • Motor skills

Suggested variant(s)

  • Increases the number of laps to be done on oneself.
  • Ask the kids to do the course backwards.
  • Increases the distance between stations.
  • Adds more obstacles.
  • Get bigger bins to fill.
  • To respect Public Health recommendations: omit the spoon or make sure each camper has one.


  • Raise awareness among youth that water is a precious resource and that it should not be wasted. Instead, it must be protected.
  • Get youth active using the theme of water

Required material(s)

  • Pitchers of water or tap or other source of water nearby
  • 2 long ropes to mark the course (e.g. skipping ropes)
  • 3 small items to place on the spoons (e.g. balls)
  • Glasses or small containers (1 per camper)
  • 15 cones or water bottles
  • 3 transparent tubs
  • 3 spoons