Out to Sea

Out to Sea

Grab the parachute and reproduce the movements of the sea!

Target: Counselors
Time frame: 15 to 30 minutes
Members: Everyone
Type of tool: Activities
Ages: 5-6 years, 7-8 years
Group size: One group
Value: $3   Free
Healthy eating Physical activity


This active parachute game familiarizes youth with movements related to the theme of the sea.


  • Healthy eating knowledge
  • Environmental knowledge
  • Motor skills

Suggested variant(s)

  • Add pieces of ”plastic and trash” under the chute.
  • One player can be designated, in turn, to be the conductor; he decides the rhythm of the waves.
  • While the young people have their eyes closed, you can choose a conductor.
  • Set a signal for the youth to raise their arms or stand on one foot when they wave the parachute.
  • Players from a coloured section meet in the centre under the parachute and switch places.
  • Put objects on the parachute and become the narrator of a great epic with the suggested scenarios.


Get young people moving on the theme of water.

Required material(s)

  • Small balls or other items to bounce on the parachute
  • Parachute