Our Constests

Our Constests

Several contests to help you activate HH at camp! Great prizes to be won!

Many Thanks Contest

Goal? To identify and highlight initiatives taken for the well-being of your team. Pamper your counselors this summer!

Who is participating? Managers and/or coordinators.

When and how to participate? Implement an initiative to make your team feel good. Share it with us between June 6 and August 5, 2022. Learn more

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Jump into Action Contest/span>

Goal? Discover new motor skills with your group! Jump into Action… in motion, the Physical Activity contest for 2022!

Who is participating? Counselors

When and how to participate? Send us evidence of your kids doing the activities between July 18 and 22, 2022. Learn more

Ready, set, garden Contest

Goal? To identify and highlight camp activities related to gardening. To all camps that are setting up a garden at camp this summer, this contest is for you!

Who is participating?Counselors, managers, coordinators

When and how to participate? Share your experience with us with a short description, photos and a mini report between July 18 and August 10, 2022. Learn more

Golden Legends Contest

Goal? Share the most exciting initiatives of your camp in Healthy Living! Showcase your community by presenting what your team has implemented in terms of healthy eating, physical activity or well-being in the summer of 2002.

Who is participating? Managers, Power Up members

When and how to participate? Send us your application before July 29, 2022, at noon with at least ONE photo of your camp in action. Learn more