My HH Program

My HH Program

A tool that lets you quickly view the health habits activities (HH) featured in the weekly program carried out with your campers.

Target: Counselors, Managers
Time frame: 30 to 60 minutes
Members: Everyone
Type of tool: Planification
Group size: One group
Healthy Habits

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My HH Program helps you create or improve your weekly programming. Use the Power Up stickers to identify activities related to SHV present in your programming.

Are you a new facilitator? With the stickers, you quickly see the activities related to the SHV of your week. You find that your programming lacks hearts, add Well-being activities!

Do you want to improve or diversify your programming? This tool is for you! It helps you plan the best summer for your young people by integrating various activities that meet the healthy lifestyle goals of your coordinator or manager.

In the tool, you will find a standard programming to inspire you, do not hesitate to adapt it to your camp and stickers. Ask your coordinator to order the stickers.


My HH Program is a planning tool that helps animation teams identify and add activities related to SHV in the weekly camp program. The use of stickers facilitates taking action and acts as a reminder not to forget the intention behind the activities and to review them with the young people. In addition, they make it possible to quantify activities by theme in order to achieve a good balance for the well-being of young people.

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Required material(s)

  • Your prog
  • The Power Up stickers

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