Campaign – PAUSE Challenge

Campaign – PAUSE Challenge

PAUSE Challenge : One week this summer!

Target: Counselors, Managers
Time frame: Any
Members: Everyone
Type of tool: Activities, Planification
Ages: 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-12 years, 13 and Over
Group size: Whole camp


The PAUSE Challenge is an activity that promotes the balanced use of the Internet and screens in order to minimize the risks associated with screen addiction. This summer, invite your counselors to meet the proposed challenges with their campers. 

PAUSE wishes to become a movement that encourages Quebecers to retake control of their Internet use and prioritize quality connections with real meaning, online and off-line. The PAUSE Challenge is a joint initiative put forward by the Fondation Tremplin Santé and Capsana, the organization that created PAUSE. 

Partner :

Why take on the PAUSE Challenge?

To step back and: 

  • Rediscover the benefits of screen-free times. 
  • Better understand your relationship with screens. 
  • Become more aware of the place that technology occupies in our daily lives. 
  • Watch the stars burn that much brighter at night, and not your counselors’ cell phones or computer screens. 
  • Bring back true laughter instead of texted HAHAHA’s. 

And then reconnect: 

  • In a more mindful way and not as a reflex, by maintaining control. 
  • By focusing on online activities that are good for us. 

Participation Kit

Click on the “download”* button to access the full participation kit* which includes : 

  • Sheet with 10 challenges from which to choose 
  • Sheet with 10 facts about screens (additional information) 
  • Kit with 10 exciting turnkey activities for counselors and their groups. 
  • Samples of letters intended for counselors, coordinators-managers and parents 
  • Promotional poster 

*The 2023 kit will soon be available.

To participate

Register your camp now! 

For PU members: One more chance to win! Click here to join. 

When to do the challenge?

The week of your choice between June 26th and August 4th. Choose your week and add it to your program. 

Prize to win

By participating in the PAUSE Challenge, your camp has a chance to win a Paper Shoot camera, which will help counselors capture memorable screen-free moments this summer! 

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