Market at Camp

Market at Camp

It’s time to visit the local market to discover food and meet local merchants. Bring your grocery list so you don’t forget anything. Let’s go, we’re going!

Target: Counselors
Members: Everyone
Type of tool: Activities
Ages: 7-8 years, 9-12 years
Group size: One group
Value: $10   Free
Healthy eating


This activity offers youth to experience a market at camp, while introducing them to new foods and creating original recipes.


  • Healthy eating knowledge
  • Discovery of new foods
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity

Suggested variant(s)

  • You can use real foods to make a recipe with your group at the end of the activity. Remember to use local and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • You can create your own grocery lists.


To enable every youth to live a positive camp experience.

Required material(s)

  • Correct answers for the grocery list (for the counselor)
  • Cones to set off the playing area
  • Food cards (for merchants)
  • Grocery list (for clients)
  • Bibs (for merchants)
  • Pencils