ExplorAction : The Escape – Playbook

Escape Game Playbook

An escape game on Healthy Habits (HH) that will amaze your team!

Your team will be thrown into a parallel universe for 45 minutes. Their mission: to create a magical potion that will give them the power of HH !

Before the game

After registering on the portal, you received an email with links to the TELESCAPE platform. Follow the recommendations below to prepare for the start of the game:

  • Invite your group to a meeting using a video conferencing platform (e.g. Zoom). Each person connects individually from a computer to play the game remotely, as a group. Each person must wear headphones to avoid echo or feedback.
  • Divide your group into teams of 4-6 players using the Breakout Rooms feature and designate a game leader for each team. The leader will have access to this page to read the clues at the bottom of the page, if needed!
  • Give each team ONE link to connect to the TELESCAPE platform.

During the game

  • Click on the TELESCAPE link and wait until all players are logged in and visible on the screen before starting the escape game.
  • Listen CAREFULLY to the tutorial! There are several important pieces of information that will be useful to you later on.
  • After the tutorial, choose as a group which universe to explore first. Don’t forget to COMMUNICATE with each other at all times.
  • If you get stuck, ask the game leader to read the clues. There are 3 clues per puzzle to help you.

After the game 

  • Come back together as a large group (close the breakout rooms).
  • Talk about your experience ( your favourite moments, things you learned or didn’t understand so well, etc.).

In the following weeks

  • Share these eight videos summarising the key messages to remember from the ExplorAction Escape training.
  • By clicking on the link, they will also find short challenges to take on with their groups in relation to these key messages.

The clues are HIDDEN. Select the text with the mouse to reveal them.

Practice! → If you can … read this text, you are ready to follow the clues.

How to select text?


Puzzle no.1 – The Ingredients

  • Clue no.1 — Click on Karine. 
  • Clue no.2 — Put the food items in the bag. 
  • Clue no.3 — Each bin should contain ONE food item of the right CATEGORY and COLOR.

Answer Tomato/Shrimp/Baguette/Lettuce/Cheese/Couscous/Blackberries/Carrots.

Puzzle no.2 – The Barn 

  • Clue no.1 — Click on Karine.
  • Clue no.2 — Find the number associated with each food item hidden in the barn.
  • Clue no.3 — Click on the notebook to determine the order of the numbers.  

Answer Eggplant[7]/Chicken[5]/Mushroom[3]/Corn[4].


Puzzle no.1 – Active Program

  • Clue no.1 — Click on Roseline
  • Clue no.2 — Don’t forget to read the text at the bottom.
  • Clue no.3 — Look at the icons/images on the page at 10am and 4pm.

Answer → Stretching/Dance/Relax. Ball Game/Walking/Acroyoga/Balancing competition/Team Sport.

Puzzle no.2 – The Gymnasium

  • Clue no.1 — Click on Roseline
  • Clue no.2 — Note the color and intensity that appears in each video.
  • Clue no.3 — Click on the colors from low intensity to very high intensity.

Answer → Pink [Low]/Blue [Moderate]/Yellow [High]/Green [Very High].

Puzzle no.3 – The Locker Room

  • Clue no.1 — Look at the 4 drawings on the door with the lock.
  • Clue no.2 — Find the banners in the gymnasium with those drawings.
  • Clue no.3 – The number of words on each banner equals the number that should be entered in the lock.

Answer → 3 / 8 / 9 / 4.


Puzzle no.1 – The Cabin

  • Clue no.1— Click on Rebecca. 
  • Clue no.2 — You can move objects to find the gemstones.
  • Clue no.3 — Read the recipe on the side table and look at the television to know the value of each gemstone.

Answer 1. Sapphire [blue]/2. Amber [orange]/3. Ruby [red]/4. Emerald [green].

Puzzle no.2 – The vortex 

  • Clue no.1 – It’s important to communicate! You don’t all see the same thing on the screen. If you see a question mark, click on it.
  • Clue no.2 – If you see bombs, you are stuck in the vortex. If you don’t see any bombs, you must guide your lost friends to the exit, one square at a time, from the starting square to the final square.
  • Clue no.3 – Only one person must click to trace the path that will lead their team out of the vortex. It is impossible to move diagonally and you must avoid the bombs at all costs!

Answer see image