Game Cards – Lit de Camp

Game Cards – Lit de Camp

Discover our fun and easy to use game cards on fruits and vegetables to create exciting and memorable moments of reading with your campers.

Target: Counselors
Time frame: Any
Type of tool: Activities
Ages: 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-12 years
Group size: One group
Healthy eating Well-being


Turn reading time into a fun and enriching adventure for your campers. How do you do it? Choose a book about fruits and vegetables from the list provided, create an original reading atmosphere, and then offer a game based on the same theme after the reading! They’ll be able to relate the story they’ve read to the game they’re going to play.

For example:
For your 5- to 8-year-olds, introduce them to fruits and vegetables with the book Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt (see list)! To reinforce their knowledge, invite them to guess the mystery food or invent a new fruit or vegetable based on what they already know!

For your 9-13 year olds, invite them to learn about the history of vegetables with the book YOU CAN grow your own food: Be Amazing with this inpiring guide (see list). Then, to build on their knowledge, invite them to guess or find the connections based on the traits they’ve learned.

If you don’t have a book on hand or your local library doesn’t have the books on the list, no problem! Look at the games on the cards, choose the one you want to play, and make up a story!

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  • Reading
  • Fruit and vegetable knowledge development
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration


Power Up and Lit de Camp are joining forces to combat summer slide, a time when young people are at risk of losing what they’ve learned over the holidays, which can have a long-term impact on their academic progress.

Our reading and play sessions help prevent this regression through a playful approach, while cultivating essential knowledge about healthy food choices, contributing to a summer rich in learning and well-being.

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