ExplorAction Power Up

ExplorAction Power Up

A training on the core messages of Healthy Habits at camp.

Target: Counselors
Members: PU
Healthy Habits


Introduce your counselors to the key messaging of Healthy Habits at camp with our experience-based approach. The trainer starts with a carefully chosen game/workshop, then leads an introspective discussion on the experience while establishing a link with HH.

ExplorAction Power Up can take many forms, but always includes :

Introduction – 5 to 10 min
Themed block(s) – 15 to 20 min each
Conclusion – 5 to 10 min

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This one-hour FREE training session given by the Power Up team focuses on essential HH concepts so that physical activity, healthy eating and wellness activities have a lasting impact on the lifestyle habits of youth and staff. It aims to facilitate the activation of Healthy Habits counselors!

Trainings’ Date:

  • Sunday June 11th: 1pm

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Themed blocks

  • Healthy eating: something everyone can enjoy!
  • Eating balanced and varied meals.
  • Lunchtime is meant to be fun!
  • Physical activity in your programming!
  • Physical activity starts with the basics.
  • Physical activity is for everyone!
  • Body diversity: beyond appearance.
  • Inclusion at camp!