ExplorAction : Original

ExplorAction : Original

A training on the core messages of Healthy Habits at camp.

Target: Counselors, Managers
Members: PU
Healthy Habits


Introduce your counselors to the key messages of Healthy Habits at camp with our experience-based approach. The trainer starts with a carefully chosen game/workshop, then leads an introspective discussion on the experience while establishing a link with HH.

ExplorAction : Original can take many forms, but always includes :

Introduction – 5 to 10 min
Themed block(s) – 15 to 20 min each
Conclusion – 5 to 10 min

The 8 themed blocks available :

  • Healthy eating: something everyone can enjoy!
  • Eating balanced and varied meals.
  • Lunchtime is meant to be fun!
  • Physical activity in your programming!
  • Physical activity starts with the basics.
  • Physical activity is for everyone!
  • Body diversity: beyond appearance.
  • Inclusion at camp!

You can choose one, two, three … themed blocks depending on the HH objective for the summer, the length of your training, the needs, skills and interest of your counselors, etc.

Train your team

You’d like to give the ExplorAction : Original training?

We currently offer online trainings (French Only) to help you prepare for your own training where we share our approach and all relevant training documents for each themed block. If you’d like to participate, you can sign up here.

If you are interested by these types of online trainings (In English)? Let us know!