Meals at camp: I have a role to play

Lunch time is a privileged moment between you and youth, do you know your role?

Target: Counselors
Members: PU+, PU
Time frame: 30 minutes
Healthy eating


This training focuses on the counselor’s role during the meal period at camp.

The aim is to ensure that each youth experiences a positive experience during lunch for a minimum of 20 minutes.

The training includes an explanatory document and a video capsule.


Reflecting on and learning about healthy eating.


  • Increase counselors’ awareness of their role as role models in contributing to an enjoyable dining environment at camp.
  • To have counselors reflect on their current actions and what they should be doing.
  • To encourage youth to adopt healthy eating behaviors during meals at camp.

Additional explanation videos

Eat at camp - Lunch with your campers

Eat at camp - Your campers lunchbox

Eat at camp - Dessert

Eat at camp - Snacks

Eat at camp - Your lunchbox