Power Up Summit

Power Up Summit

2023 edition

May 25 th, 2023 1pm to 4pm: Virtual PowerUp Summit

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This FREE training is designed to help you integrate healthy habits into your organization in an original way while respecting your interests and those of your team.

Workshops Program

Social marketing 
Learn to ommunicate differently by using marketing techniques to encourage youth and their parents to adopt the healthy habits adopted at camp.
This workshop consists of a presentation and a reflexive workshop on how to create a social marketing plan.

Mental Health
Caring for your staff and participants’ mental health to create an environment conducive to the development of healthy habits.
This workshop provides concrete notions on mental health and the role of emotional intelligence within an organization.

Adaptation, the key to success?
Adapting and adjusting one’s attitude, environment and ways of doing things to have more fun together and to offer everyone, the animation team and youth, a healthy environment in which to grow up healthy.


We look forward to meeting you and helping you start promote health habits with youth!

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